Why you need a strategy

Your content strategy is what connects your blog to your business objectives. Unless you just really like writing (like me), you probably have a blog because of something you want to get out of it. Whether that goal is growing your business, showcasing your brand or demonstrating your expertise, every goal needs a plan for how to achieve it. That's why developing and documenting an actionable and measurable strategy is important for business blogging success.

The benefits of a content audit

A content audit can show you what is working, what can be improved and how your content compares with that of your competitors. Even if you haven't started blogging yet, it's a good idea to know your competition. That way you can develop content that will help you to stand out. Conducting a content audit helps to establish the baseline for what you want to achieve with your business blog and identify opportunities to create engaging content that reflects your brand and resonates with your customers.

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