Words are like a wardrobe

Find your style, tell your story

What's in your wardrobe makes a big difference to the outfits you can wear. But if clothes were words, the items in your collection would make a big difference to what you could write. Now, maybe you already have a set style. It could be a phrase that's as comfy as your favourite jumper or a string of trendy words as popular as the latest sneakers. Or perhaps you're still working out your style. Are you more black tie or jeans and a t-shirt? Maybe it depends on the occasion.

Choosing the right words is a lot like putting together a stylish ensemble. And sometimes you need the help of a professional stylist. That's where I come in.

I help businesses find the words that suit their style and tell their story.

Whether you need a one-off blog post or a full website of words, I can help. I write in a range of styles from conversational to formal and I am available to write:

  • blog posts
  • websites
  • feature articles
  • profiles
  • brochures

My focus is writing for food and wine, tourism and travel, and professional services. You can read more about these areas below or contact me now to find your style and start telling your story.


Food and wine

Words so good you could eat them

Tasty plates need words to match. And just like the best dishes, the best writing starts with the right ingredients. As an experienced writer and a lover of good food (seriously, if I'm not writing, I'm probably thinking about what to cook or where to eat next), I can whip up words that will have your readers wanting seconds. Whether it's about an artisan food producer, a winery or a restaurant, I love writing words that bring flavour and panache to the page.

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Tourism and travel

Words that take you on a journey

Imagine if you could bring people to where you are with a single sentence. Well, with the right words you can. I craft words that tell travel stories and convey tourism experiences to inspire and entice your readers. Visiting regional Australia has been a big part of my own travel story and I'm always excited to share what I've learnt about the many wonderful places there are in Australia. Whether it's a gorgeous place to stay or a splash of local history and culture, I write to take people there.

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Professional services

Words to connect with clients

Foster trust and confidence with words that communicate your expertise in a way that connects with your audience. Having worked in professional services, I know how easy it can be to slip into using jargon or corporate buzzwords. It might be easy for you to follow, but is it the best way to engage your readers? As a writer who understands both perspectives, I balance technical accuracy with accessible writing that's easier for everyone to read.

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