Having a natural flair for working with words, I completed a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing to further strengthen my skills in crafting compelling words and helping writers achieve their writing goals. Since then, I have worked with a range of writers, assisting in the development of polished, professional writing for a wide range of audiences.

I now specialise in developmental editing for fiction. I work with authors who are interested in extending their writing skills and gaining a fresh and independent perspective on their manuscript.

My approach is gentle and encouraging, aiming to highlight what is working well in a text as well as providing practical suggestions and guidance on opportunities for development and growth. You’re welcome to contact me if you’d like to explore working together.

Academic work

My research interests include work and identity in the context of literature and online culture. In 2020 I completed a research project examining online identity experiences of freelance editors in Australia as part of a Master of Communication specialising in Digital Media.

I have since worked as a research assistant on projects in the realm of digital media more broadly.

I currently teach digital media units in Deakin University’s School of Communication and Creative Arts. From time to time, I also deliver workshops on writing, editing and digital media.